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Multiple photos of modern day Jerusalem are included throughout the CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible

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As you read through the Bible, you can explore the places where so much of God’s redemptive story took place—without ever leaving your home.

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Image found on page 1395 in the CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible

Marking the location where, according to tradition, Jesus was baptized, the Greek Orthodox Church of John the Baptist is located at Bethany Beyond the Jordan. Excavations in the area have unearthed the ruins of over twenty churches and baptismal pools dating from the Roman and Byzantine eras.

Image found on page 38 in the CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible

Reconstructed well at the entrance to Beer-sheba in southern Israel.

Image found on page 1338 in the CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible

Overview of the modern city of Nazareth. The conical structure in the center is the Church of the Annunciation.

Image found on page 41 in the CSB Holy Land Illustrated Bible

Ruins on Byrsa Hill in Carthage, which is in northern Africa. The sacred precinct at Carthage, the Topheth, covered about 1 1/2 acres. Thousands of urns containing the sacrificial, cremated remains of animals and small children have been found there.

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